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IP-Solutions by Zero C Seven Inc.

IP-Solutions has been developing and manufacturing high-end GNSS instruments since 2007 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. Originally focused on custom products for R&D projects, we now have a line up of software receivers, front-ends, simulators and specialised anti-spoofing products that provide users with a degree of flexibility that our competitors cannot. IP-Solutions also offers custom made APIs and access to data that make our GNSS solutions the first port of call for any serious researcher in the GNSS field. In 2016 IP-Solutions joined with Zero C Seven Inc., in a partnership to take IP-solutions products to the world, establishing a network of distributors and authorised re-sellers. IP-Solutions prides itself on the accuracy and flexibility of our products and we are constantly striving to improve our instruments to provide customers with the world’s best GNSS tools. 

Precision GNSS instruments for R&D, commercial applications and customised uses.